How to Live with OCD Naturally

by Maria Flaherty

Maria Flaherty does an excellent job of opening our minds to the world of the OCD individual. Her book challenges the thoughts and perspectives that many people have about what OCD is. The descriptions of OCD are real, clear, and informative. Flaherty helps those who suffer with OCD to grasp how to manage it, while simultaneously assisting friends and family of obsessive-compulsive friends grow as sympathetic and supportive cheerleaders.

The list of medications that are listed in chapter 2 details some of the common side effects of OCD and anti-depressant medications. Since this book is geared towards overcoming OCD naturally it is very cordial of the writer to explain the various ins and outs of these common drugs. As chief protectors of our own bodies and health it is never a bad idea to develop an extensive knowledge about medications, food, and general wellness. Each chapter of this book has a small nugget for wisdom for both OCD sufferers and others.

I applaud Maria Flaherty for her courage and dedication to expanding knowledge about mental health. It is very rare that you find a quick read devoted to natural wellness. She writes in a conversational and informal tone that makes this book easy to interact with. This book is well thought out, well composed and much needed. In a glass half-empty world Flaherty manages to place a positive spin on many situations.

The information, or dare I say education, provided in this book helps to make the lives of others suffering from OCD much clearer. However, by way of critic I would say that it is very possible that some readers will find a connection with the divine is more distressing than the disorder. This book would be beneficial for anyone dealing with OCD in their life as well as mental health professionals looking for the most effective ways to treat this condition. How to live with OCD Naturally is interesting, educational, uplifting, and truly worthy of recommending.

Peggy Warren

Born in Toronto. Canada, Peggy has been writing for most of her life. After her husband’s job transferred them to Dallas, Peggy formed her own publishing company, printing her first book, "Very Much a Woman's Book." She went on to write and publish more books, but the woman’s book was such a huge success that her focus on it was centered and she sold 20,000 copies. Peggy closed the publishing house when her husband retired and they moved to a century old log cabin in the Colorado Mountains. She continued to write, but when she was widowed in 2016, she and her precious Ragdoll pussycat, Joey, moved to Boulder to be close to her family. She has three grown children and two grandchildren.

It's a Heart Thing

It's a heart thing is the story of four women all dealing with life-style changes in their mid-forties while living under the same roof. The main character who walks out of her marriage on an impulse, goes to her favorite brother who offers his house while she sorts herself out. He offers his house in trade for dog sitting Albert, his Great Dane who's addicted to television. The other women come together there in need of a place to stay while coping with their own personal mayhem. The book deals with contemporary issues in a way that is both emotionally charged and entertaining.

Gathering Peace: A Novel Based on a True Story

Peggy Warren has accomplished one of ­ fiction’s most delicate high-wire acts: writing in the voice of a child, for adults. ‑ e innocence of childhood is deftly evoked in a bold girl’s search for hardest kind of gift for her father, peace and quiet and a changed life to boot. A gallery of fascinating characters each offers some truth in young Zoey’s journey and, by book’s end, we understand that, without even realizing it, our lives have changed too.

Anny Fassler

Anny Fassler was born and raised in Switzerland, on a farm. As a child she had a little flower patch. So started a lifelong love affair with flowers. She also always love to read and write, draw and paint. She currently volunteers at a hospice and sings in a German choir. Writing and illustrating this book was a real pleasure for her and she hope to delight.

Imagine: You Were a Hen, a Goat Or...

With this book, I'd like to take you to an imaginary trip, to be something entirely different than what you are now. And while on this trip, you'll learn about this other being, and maybe you also get to like it a bit (even if it is a fly or a worm).

The Most Beautiful Flower

Every flower brags to be the most beautiful, most admired, or most useful flower of them all - thus the title. The idea is to bring nature into a child's world; to teach them the names of the flowers and what's special about this or that flower. In addition, I added information about the flowers that are interesting for anyone.