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An effective marketing strategy entails reaching to as many audiences as possible. Doing a radio interview would enable you to achieve this by tapping into the media and thousands of established listeners. Listeners don't just switch radio channels in the same way as they do on TV channels. Get a chance to be interviewed by one of the renowned radio broadcaster Ric Bratton and be featured in the show "This Week in America".

Who is Ric Bratton?

He’s best known as the host of The Ric Bratton Show—the longest-running and highest-rated local TV talk show in the United States. These days, Ric now has two radio shows in national syndication, including This Week in America that’s broadcasted in 100 stations in the US—and growing!

Ric had been in television for 33 years, doing news reporting and anchoring, weather, and sports. He’s worked with stars like Larry King, Hugh Downs, Chris Matthews, Jay Leno, George Clooney, Katie Couric and many others.

What's in It for you?

Simply put: An interview with Ric Bratton on This Week in America will blow your book’s marketing off the charts! Just imagine 100 plus radio stations across fifty states broadcasting your “head to head” book interview with Ric Bratton. Boom! You will certainly be heard, and, mind you—radio people aren’t like TV people who simply switch channels with their remote controls. No. Radio listeners pay close attention!

It Goes Like This

First off, Ric Bratton will do a pre-interview session with you and then the actual interview on This Week in America, and millions of people will listen to Ric and you talking about your book for 18 minutes or more.

And that’s not all: The interview will be placed on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and a podcast through thisweekinamerica.us. The interview will also be posted on the official Facebook and Twitter of This Week in America with Ric Bratton. And, finally, you’ll get the shareable link so you can post it in your own blog and social media accounts!

How it Works:

  • A pre-interview session will be conducted by the host.
  • An approximately 18 minutes interview (it could go longer) with Ric Bratton on "This Week in America"
  • Placement of interview on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, and soon on Spotify.
  • Interview will be available in podcast through thisweekinamerica.us
  • The interview will also be posted on "This Week in America's" Facebook and Twitter
  • Links will be provided
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